A Blog about my journey as as web developer


The continuing journey of life as a Web Developer.

As a Web Developer learning will never stop.  New technologies, or programs are always coming out or being updated.  The purpose behind this blog is to simply to log my continuing journey.  The things I will learn and create.  The struggles that I come across. Basically console.log(“Melissa’s Web Developer Life”) or print(“Melissa’s Web Developer Life”)


About Me


Hi!  I am Melissa, In Greek that means HoneyBee.  I am the Author and creator of this blog.  It is my journey you are following.

I don’t just have 1 hat in life, like most I wear multiple. I served in the US Navy for 11 years.  I am a Wife and Mother.  I have 2 kids plus 2 step-kids.  Each of my kids are unique in their own way and I love them dearly.  My journey to becoming a Full Stack Web Developer started with becoming a Mother while on active duty.  See I wanted a way to keep my family in the loop when it came to my kids growing up.  Back then Facebook wasn’t even a thing or was just starting out, so I taught myself how to create web sites.