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Marketing my Business: Paid vs Organic Marketing

I already know that for me getting the word out about my Business is going to be hard for me.  It’s not that I don’t think the business is good, its more that I am not good at networking.  In my continuing endevors as a Web Developer not only am I learning new languages and skills, but taking College Classes at Southern New Hampshire University to earn my Bachlers in Business Administration.  This is teaching me so much more about not just how I want BeeDev Services to go but also about being a Web Developer in general.

Something that I am learning is that at some point I will have to put some money in to marketing. Although this blog and my website are good organic marketing I don’t have the followers that would really get me noticed for it to work.  Paid marketing in my case is going to most likely end up being the way I think I am going to have to go.  I can target who I want to see it, but more than that I can know that folks are going to see it.

Not only is marketing going to be important to my own business but something that I am going to have to learn and recommend to my clients.  So as part of my continuing journey here are my thoughts.  Organic marketing if done correclty and well will by far be one of the easiest ways to get the word out about who and what you are.  However that being said unless you have built in followers or ways to ensure your business is seen paid marketing is how you will get things off the ground.  Doesn’t need to be a expensive, but it will certainly get things started.  Once established you can move to more organic marketing.  That isn’t to say that you can do both of course but I think when getting things started paid is how it should be started that way you start off on your best foot.

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