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Frameworks or not

Being a Developer comes with lots of options and questions.  What language should I learn?  What language should I use for this project?  Should I learn Front end and Back end?  Should I learn a Framework?  If you are looking for a solid answer……sorry keep on looking.  See every developer and every project is different.  Just like us…you know the humans behind the keyboard, we are all different.  We look, sounds, act and well are just different.

Personally I plan to learn as many languages (programming languages that is) as I can.  Same with Frameworks.  Why?  Well why not?  Mostly it is because it makes me more desirable.

My ultimate goal is to start my own business.  Well I kinda already have but it’s just me, myself, and I right now. BeeDev Services will be a small business that looks to help the little folks.  Those small businesses that can’t afford the big box companies to build them an amazing website.  Not saying that my work isn’t good enough to give them amazing websites, but more I want the personal touch.  I want to know my clients by name.  I would love to hire veterans or even better some of my students that I have taught.  It will be a completely remote business in that each developer working for me deals with the folks from their area.  Any why not.  They know their town best.  Almost like mini franchises.

So why mention BeeDev Services in a post about framworks?  Well just like those towns I know that each project will be different and require different things.  Some projects can be outstanding with just html, css and js docs, while other might need to have a database and maybe a framework would be better.  Some businesses might actually be best served with a super simple drag and click website that many hosting companies offer, while other need that personal touch.

So do I use a Framework or not?  It all depends on the project.  If it would be easier to get it up and running but still have all the features I need sure.  If that framework is going to give me limitations, I am going to look somewhere else.  Can I maybe I will combine frameworks…all depends like I said on the project.

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