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It’s April….. wait it’s April?

Wow time sure does fly when you are busy and having fun.  So I have learned a lot over the last month.  Even as an educator your never above learning.  In fact there will be times that you will learn something from a student you are teaching.  In my younger days I used to teach Sunday school, and thinking back on that now I do remember how much I enjoyed it. My favorite part of teaching any age group is seeing the light bulbs go off.  Knowing that I was  a part of that.  What I have learned the most over the last month is that in preping for my classes I have given myself some lightbulb moments.  Times where I was like wait…. is that really all I needed to do?  Why was this so hard the last time?  It’s not that the material I have now is better than what I had before it’s just that I am looking at it from a different angle.

They say that there is always more than one side to a story and that is always true, but guess what?  There is more than 1 side to nearly everything.  Needing to make sure that what I am going to teach my students is in a format that they understand is one thing but trying to remember the questions and feelings I had so I can be ready for them myself is a whole different thing.

Before this week I had a lot of imposter syndrome going on.  Sure HTML and CSS I got those down, been doing that for over 10 years now.  JS and jQuery?  Ok less years on that but I can look at a function or peice of code and explain what it is doing in most cases so not to scary.  Python started this week though.  Thats a newer language relatively speaking for me.  Am I realy qualified to teach these students this?  Some days I barely understand it myself?  Turns out yes I am.

Granted I am sure I wouldn’t have been hired if I wasn’t but knowing that I need to know the material good enough to explain what is going on to students it actually helping me in the long run.  This time I am not just following my instructor and getting the required assignments done, I am trying to inspire and educate others.  I love being a Web Developer.  When I started coding over 10 years ago it was just a means to an end, in terms of I didn’t like the way a page was looking and wanted more control over that.  Over the years I have come to really enjoy coding and developing websites and applications.

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