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Today I did something that had absolutely nothing to do with Web Development and everything to do with…. well ….. me.  We got a new refrigerator today one that will actually make ice instead of being a tease having an ice maker that doesn’t work.  However the water line has been shut off for a while because it was leaking.  Having been in the Navy for 11 years and growing up the oldest of 5 kids (3 of which were boys and in boy scouts) I learned how to take care of myself.  The downside to this?  I absolutely hate asking for help.  Are there times I need to or should?  Yup!  Do I? 75% of the time no I do not.

I am a girl who knows how to play with power tools.  It’s not that I was brought up to be one of the boys, but I was brought up so that I don’t need to depend on them.  That there are things that I can do just as good as the guy next door.  I am sure you are wondering what in the world all this has to do with a blog that is about my journey as a Web Developer.  I assure you it does.

Being a women in the Navy who worked with electricity and guns I was often the only women.  As a Web Developer well, it is still a bit of a mans world there too.  I have always had to feel as though I needed to prove myself, that I am just as good if not better than the next guy… Today I worked along side of my 14 year old to remove a leaky copper pipe and valve and replace it with a new flex pipe and new valve.  But while at the store realizing I didn’t have a tool to cut the copper pipe instead of giving in to the pleading of my son and the simplicity of getting bolt cutters I asked for help in finding where they had the pipe cutters.  Would the bold cutters have worked?  Oh they certainly would and since the pipe was being trashed the crimping the bolt cutters would have created wasn’t a factor, but thats a bit over kill in terms of the tool.

When it comes to my code I am the same way.  I have the hardest time following my own advice and asking for help.  I get frustrated instead that I can’t figure out how to re-write a simple function and keep trying to plug away at it on my own.  But like those bolt cutters, I need to use the right tool for the job.  Will I eventually figure it out?  I am sure I will, but how efficient is it?  When I have a large network of Programmers that I can at the very least bounce ideas off of.  Now that is working smarter not harder.

It’s sad that it took fixing a leaky pipe with my son and teaching him a few lessons to teach myself one as well.

Man or Women.  New or Experienced.  Not of that matters if you don’t use the right tool for the job.  We teach at Coding Dojo the 20 min rule.  If you are stuck on a problem for 20 min step away, come back if you’re still stuck go through the list of resources you have.   It’s time this programmer starts applying this rule to her own code.

I don’t need to be the expert in everything, but I do need to know when it’s time to set pride aside and ask for help.

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