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Spring and Puppies

I bet your wondering what in the world does Spring and Puppies have to do with Web Development right?  So you know that a lot of folks go through this whole spring cleaning thing right?  I was never one of those people.  However that being said, as Programmers and Computer users we do have to go in and clean up our systems.  I do have a lot of projects on my systems that I am either not working on right now or are done and since I am a smart Programmer I save all my projects using git services.  Be it github, gitlab, bitbucket, or amazon console.  It’s up there on a git service somewhere so why not free up some storage and get rid of those projects that are currently dormant.  It’s not like I can’t download them again right?

So my Spring cleaning this year will be to determine what is on my devices that I really don’t need on there right now.  Oh and NEVER NEVER EVER remove stuff from your git services (unless they are shutting down or something then yea get that stuff)  Why you ask?  Did you know you can follow me on Github?  Well if you didn’t know you do.  My Profile.  But you can network on there too.  find new ideas for projects, collaborate on projects.  Be a part of an organization to work on projects with others.  There are even Hackathons you can find that use github.  Anyways why you should never delete from git services is because employers can look at it.  Wait I don’t want that first ever HTML project to be why I don’t get a job.  Guess what.  I don’t think that is why. Unless of course that is all you have on there….then…….maybe.  But my github as of this post has 186 public repositories.  And when you click on the repositories link is shows them in last worked order.  So what I was working on today will show up 1st so that horrible 1st project?  Yea thats on the last page.  (Whew thank goodness cause it was bad)  However there could be some that go back that far to look.  Why would they?  Thats easy.  To see your growth.  Look at the time stamp that this was last worked on and the time stamp of the latest project and see how much I have changed.  Thats just touching the surface of what github can do for you.

Ok Melissa you’ve explained the spring part now Puppies?  Well it kinda falls into the same line of thinking.  I was taking our almost 1 year old  Roxy and the 8 week old  Copper puppies outside today and it got me thinking.  Look how much Roxy has grown, she used to be the same size as Copper.  Then I was looking at the trees starting to show their leaves or popping out with flowers and thought I should really do something spring.  So I started going through my devices looking for something and noticed Wow thats a project I haven’t worked on in a while.  Then there was the whole I would love to give this site a facelift.

I know random thoughts but stick with me here.  So when you get a new puppy you have to teach it things.  It’s name, where the bathroom is and isn’t.  Well what if I take a perfectly good working personal website and use it to teach myself something new?  Or at least try to redo what I did but in a different way.  mmm interesting.

So I am taking this Spring cleaning thing and Puppy training thing to a whole new personal level.  I am going to clean up my devices with projects I just am not working on right now.  (making sure they are on a git service first if not already) then taking 1 (cause who want to train more than 1 puppy at a time) project and recreating it in a different format.

What will you do this Spring?

2 thoughts on “Spring and Puppies

  1. Did someone say puppies??

    I was wondering if it would be a good idea to do a spring cleaning in our GitHub accounts? Specially if we’re not particularly proud of a project? Would you recommend that?

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