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Women Developers

Guess what guys, there are women out there that can work a computer.  I know, I know it’s an old fashioned thing to think, that guys think we can’t operate a power tool, fix a car, buy a car, or program a computer, but there are still folks out there that think this way and not just Men.

In 1998 I joined the Navy.  I spend the next 11 years working on Weapons Systems.  I handled guns, worked with over 400 volts of electricity, did some plumbing (my system had a cooling system), computers, even worked with circuit boards.  That’s my baby right there. CIWS or Close-In Weapons System A unique gun system that took minimal inputs from the ship meaning we could still operate if the ship took damage.  Granted our range wasn’t as far as I would have liked but she sure could shoot.  There was a saying on board if you saw the CIWS Techs running for the life boats you had better already be on one.  Yea that’s how close the targets needed to be.  On my 1st ship the USS Enterprise (yup that one) I was the first female to ever shoot her.  I think I was on my second ship the USS Donald Cook too but not sure.  How cool is that, that I was the 1st female ever on that ship to shoot this system.  But then again at that time (and still today for the most part) women in that job were hard to come by.  Women on ships was still pretty new all things considered.  On the Enterprise out of a full crew of 5000 we were less than 1000.  The Navy has always been a Mans world.  But that didn’t stop me.  I got into one of the hardest jobs to get into in the Navy and loved it.  I played right along with the boys getting grease all over me, lifting ammo boxes, and had a blast.

Web Development isn’t all that far off from the same mentality.  It is more populated by men.  When I tell folks what I do I still get looks, bigger ones when they find out what I did in the Navy.  Most of the time I get, wait you build websites? Just using templates right?  Ahhhhh no, I use this magical thing called code. I right the logic.  And somedays it is magical.  We women are just as smart as men, smarter than some men actually.  We can literally do anything we want if we just put our minds to it.  My journey to where I am now wasn’t an easy one.  And unfortunately, even in today’s world that is the case for most women.  I have managed to change my mindset since leaving the Navy thankfully, as it used to be that I felt this insane need  to prove myself.  To prove I am just as smart or strong as the guys I was working with.  I don’t need to do that, although the desire to prove myself is still there sometimes, now it is more to prove to myself that I am just as good as the guy in that zoom call with me.  I have learned it’s ok to ask for help.  Asking doesn’t make me less of a programmer, but a smarter one.  Smarter in that I know my limitations and know where to go for help.  Do I ask for help?  Ok I will be honest and say technically yes I do, but not until I have just about gotten to the point of tossing my computer out the window.  I really need to work on that.  I need to ask sooner.

A few weeks ago in one of my Facebook groups there was a post asking for Mentors.  This group is for Women in Web Development, so they were looking for women who have broken into this field who are willing to mentor others trying to do the same.  I love this group.  I actually joined them as a paid member and get to have zoom meetings with a small group every week where we keep each other accountable for what we feel we should be doing.  Plus there is lots of recourses that I have access to as well now.  But I saw this post, and thought to myself, that after everything that I have been through, having gone through that with out a Women Mentor (other than my Mom), I might like doing that.  I do love to help people and I have advise I can pass on.  So I answered the post and found out that the lady making the post created this  website and program called Dreami.  I had my 1st session with my Mentee today and I think it went well.  I get to expand my network of people I know (she was in Poland), I get to potentially help someone else in their journey, and who knows maybe they will end up helping me too.


Ladies you can do anything you put your mind too.  Guys, we can do anything we put our minds too.  To everyone reading this, know that yes your journey to where ever you are going in life is unique to you, but there are others out there that can help.  Find a Mentor, be a Mentor, ask for help when you need it.  Offer help if you can.  Be the best version of yourself and do your best.  Those algorithms kicking your butt?  Trust me at one point or another they have kicked everyones butt.  Keep working at it and you will get there. Just like mine your journey isn’t over.  I will NEVER stop learning, or trying to better myself.


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  1. Really love that you shared this with us. Just hearing your struggles & accomplishments is encouraging for me to keep on trucking. I’m learning web development as we speak and feel a lot of the times like tossing my computer out my window.

    Thank you

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