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1 Down many to go……

Well I did it. Today I officially started teaching Web Development.  I have been helping and doing un-official lessons for while now, but today, it was my class.  My show.  I even got a hello Professor….how cool is that.

Note to self though. Eat before class.  Not a good idea to let your sugar drop especially if after class you get light headed.

I am still worried if I will do a good enough job.  Will I do this program justice.  I won’t really know for sure for at least a week, but I can tell you I am excited to find out.

In other parts of my Web Developing Journey, I am still writing code and working on my projects.  I keep refining some projects and finding way to combine where I can.  Like do I really need 2 databases that pretty much do the same thing, just for different projects?  No, I could combine them.  Is it worth it?  In the end I am going to say yes I think it will because it helps me think outside the box and know that next time I should plan a better.

For now though I am going to go and prepare my next lesson.

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