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Teacher may I…

Growing up I always used to think my teachers had to be the smarted people in the world.  I mean sure they taught you things that you clearly didnt know.

Like the magic of reading and writing.  They have to know everything right?

Turns out, nope they don’t.  Through my own schooling to become a Full Stack Web Developer Ive had opportunities in some way to teach.  Do I know everything about say HTML?  Goodness no.  In fact it took me a few tried to pass a linked in certification on HTML. Do I know a lot? Depends on your definition of a lot.

What I do know however is how to find the answer you seek.  Every day my Network of Developers grows.  So that means that my searchable database grows.  Yup you read that right everyone is a database.  We all store information and have ways to access it.

As I start my new adventure as an Instructor, my network of resources has grown and so have my own questions.  Am I fluent enough in Java Script to teach a class? Do I understand enough python to introduce it to students who have never touched the inner working of a website?

The short answer is Yes!  It doesn’t take mastering a skill to be a good instructor.  It takes someone who knows what she knows and what she doesn’t.  Someone who knows that not knowing is actually just a new learning experience and the next time that question is asked I’ll have the answer.  I also know how to use my resources.  I know that I have an entire internet and network of resources that I can call on to help me if I get stuck.

Does that mean that there are other folks that might be better for the job?  Of course there can be.  However I have been chosen for a reason.  I have the knowledge and the passion to do the job and that means that I will be the best instructor I can be.

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