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A Student again

Ok so as Web Developers we are honestly always learning so essentially always a student. However this month I am actually a student.  I am learning Java.  It’s a language I have been wanting to learn for some time how but just haven’t been able to do it.  Actualy to be more accurate it is more like every time I tried to teach myself I got lost.  But my company is amazing and this month is what we call a redundency or upskilling month for me.  Meaning I am not teaching a class this month I am the back up instructor and learning upskilling.  Typically it is to teach a new stack but I am taking this time to instead learn a new language.  Don’t get me wrong I am going to be prepping myself to also possibly teach a new stack as well but it’s not my focus.

The 1st week was well lets just say not the best.  I self sabotaged myself.  I got stuck on one part and my confidence went out the window.  I can do this though.  I learned all these other languages and frameworks, I can learn this one too.  And I will.

If you ever find yourself in the position to be a student again remember… been there done that sure, but sometimes things are going to be different.  Each new skill you learn or class you attend needs to be taken at face value.  Don’t think that just because something worked for another class that it will work for them all.  I am here to tell you that that is so not the case.

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