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Pride in your work

It’s ok to take pride in your work.  It doesn’t even matter what your job is.  Well I guess if you are an assasin for hire maybe you shouldn’t take pride in that.  However under normal curcumstances you should.  I am very hard on myself.  As most of us are.  As a Web Developer and even more so as an instructor I am always looking to improve my skills.  As I stated in previous post for the Month of May I have been given the chance to learn Java.  In doing so I wanted to give myself a 2 fold challenge.  1 I wanted to build an application in Java but I also thought that it would be pretty cool and interesting to build it in different frameworks and languages.  So My Favorite Images App was officially born.

As of today I now have 2 of the proposed applications done and deployed.  I have a base HTML site that will have links to all the others and as an extra challenge I am making all the data from each of the backends available as an API so I can use JavaScript to show it on the HTML site.  I am beyond proud of myself for this.  Not so much the flask and django parts but adding the API functionality to it.  Took some googling to get some of it just right but I am trully proud of it.  Right now the CSS is a bit on the lacking site and each version will look (or should look) just like the others, but I am ok with that.  Getting it all working was the idea behind this not so much the looks.

The other part of the project (as in part 2 of the 2 fold challange) was to prove to myself that I can do it.  That although they are doing the same thing they are in different frameworks and languages so there will be different challenges that I will face, and overcome.

So no matter how small it is take pride in what you have done.  Remembered to commit your code today?  Be proud of that.  Actually worked on Code today?  Yup be proud of that too.  small accomplishments can lead to bigger ones.  Most of all they lead to pride in yourself and better wellbeing.

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