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My continuing journey…..

…. to boldy code where this coder has never coded before.  Yeah I am a Treky.  My journey as we a web developer isn’t all to unlike many others.   I always like to start off my new classes by asking my students “What got you into programming?”  I get many of the same answers of a career change, I get the ones that started on MySpace, and all sorts of others.  What brings someone to this field isn’t always what keeps them here.  I got started when a drag and drop site I was trying to create for my kids just didn’t feel right.  I just didn’t lke the lack of freedom it offered.  Saw an html option and thought why not. What kept me?  The craft like feeling that building a website gives me mostly.

See I am a very artistic person.  I crocheted the shawl you see here.  It’s one of my pride and joys and given the fall colors I wear it every year for my birthday.  But my tallents don’t stop there.  I also like to do counted cross stitch sometimes, or those 3d paintings.  Not a very good drawer, but have lots of pictures in my head.  But the general act of creating something from scratch is something that is very rewarding for me.

So why would I write a post about this?  Well it’s part of my journey.  It is what makes me, well, me.  I have had rough classes sometmes where I questioned my reasoning for teaching Web Development.  Or questioned if I was even good at it. No matter how many times I teach a course I always have lectures where there is at least 1 error in my code.  Yet I keep going.  I keep teaching.  I keep making those errors (they usually are a little different, unless it is a spelling issue).  Why?  Because no matter what over all I love it.  I love the act of teaching, of bringing the joy of creating to others.  I also honestly really do love being a Developer.  I have so many started projects it is crazy.  I really should get rid of some of them.

But here is the true meaning behind my post.  Knowing full well that this may never get read.  That it certainly won’t make it around the world. I want anyone who does read this to know that being a programmer isn’t always to be easy.  There are going to be times that you will want to give up or question your choices. There are also going to be days where things are going well.  Each of those times are part of your journey.  Each of those times are also what will make you a stronger and better Developer.  Most of though.  Find a project that you want to do and work on that.  Build something for you.

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