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It’s 2022, a new year

I have never been big on new years resolutions.  I would make them but never keep them.  I prefer to look back over the last year and see what I accomplished.  What went well and what didn’t.  I will learn more that way.  This year is going to be a little different.  Last month I was helping to get  an amazing program up and running in my company to help our TA’s and fellow Instructors collect some key data about how we are helping our students on a day to day basis.  I loved helping with that….even if it was just adding some styling for the most part, I loved being a part of it.  I  also worked on serveral other projects some personal, some for clients and 2 I hope to one day be very usefull.

See every new class I always have  students asking me if they should be taking notes.   Many wonder if a seasoned programmer would have notes.  My answer is almost always the same.  Will the notes help you right now?  If yes then take them.  Notes aren’t for everyone.  As their Instructor I would be considered a more seasoned programmer than they are and I still take notes.  Not just for me either.  I take them because one day maybe I will be working for a different company as a programmer and a jr developer comes in and has questions.  I can then point them to my notes.  So they can then benefit others not just me.

One of those projects I was working on was a site where others not just me can add their own notes.  I hope one day this can be a really valuable resource for anyone to use.  Will it ever get their?  Who knows.  But at least I will know that I made something that has the ability to help others and is out there.

One thing that I am determined to do this year though is keep on learning and helping the best that I can.

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