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As most developers, I have tons of ideas for websites.  Getting them up and running however, whew that can be a whole different ball game.  Lots of planning goes into every website that ever goes live.  Or at least it should, and in most cases it does.  I love it when I can get an idea, build it, and deploy it.  To see that idea come to life is so satisfying.  Granted the pain of getting them to that point is well painful. Like to the point of throw my computer out the window painful at times.  Do I wish it was easier? No not really to be honest.  We had a saying in the Navy when we were working on the guns that if  you don’t bleed when working on it or “give blood to the gun Gods” then something will go wrong.  So getting errors in my code even if I think it’s right, or doing something I have done before but it still going wrong, wanting to throw my computer out the window thats my “blood to the Code Gods”.  Besides that it means that in the end I will have learned something and if I was smart took some notes so that I REALLY learn from it.

Sure there are times that I get an idea, do some planning, start coding, and get it up in running with little issues, but lets face it it doesn’t happen often.  Added to it that each new website or project that I think of or start is not just adding to my skills but in most cases it is using new skills. One thing you have to remember as a Developer no matter how long you have been one is that it will ALWAYS challenge you.  Maybe the challenge comes by way of a new update to the language and your trying out the new features, or maybe it’s just that you hit save too soon and shut the server down, or like me you spelled something wrong.

The point is no matter what the challenge is, you keep going.  Take a break. Look at a different part of the code.  Work on a different project.  What ever you have to do to help you get past the challenge.  Every Developer has them, and we always will.  It’s those challenges that make us a better developer in the end.

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