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New lessons happen everyday

In Web Development if you go a day without learning something new most likely you didn’t touch your code that day.  Being a Web Developer Instructor I certainly learn something new everyday I interact with students.  Someone gets a new error that I haven’t seen or they pose a question that I don’t have the answer to.  One student said they are going to start taking screenshots of their errors and add notes as to how the error came about and or how they solved it.  Brilliant idea!!!  I see so many errors though I have no idea how I would keep track of the notes for each screenshot.

No matter how long I have been teaching or working with a topic or language  I always seem to come up with errors.  In most cases it is due to a spelling error on my part, but sometimes it is something else.  You know like a missing :, [ ] or {  }.  Sometimes it is just more that my code is wrong.  It doesn’t matter that I have been working with HTML and CSS for over 10 years now even those markup languages can still give me issues.  Python and JS sure I have been working with those for a lesser amount of time (just over 4 years now) but I am still going to have issues there too.  It doesn’t matter if you are a JR developer, or a SR developer.  Errors are going to happen, your going to have to look something up.

Programming languages change all the time. They get updated just like technology does.  New things are discovered or added.  So not only will we have to keep up with the changes but there is no way we can remember everything there is to k now about the languages.  You don’t use let in your JS code normally? Guess what?  One day you are going to try to use that word for something and it is going to cause an issue.  It’s things like that.  Keeping notes, saving websites as book marks, error screenshots all will help but we will still learn something new or have to look something up.

The trick to it all is to know how to look up the answer or knowing where you put that bookmark or note.

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