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Trying new things

As Any good Web Developer will tell you there is always more to learn.  Right now my blog here is done via WordPress.  It’s not that I don’t like wordpress, but I feel that doesn’t speak much for the Developer in me that I am using a system like this and didn’t build something on my own.  For sometime now (long before I started this) I have been trying to build a blog site for myself.  Never happy  with how it looked or thrilled with how the back end was working I caved and started using WordPress.  The  need to still have a blog that I built vs templates is still important so slowly I have been working on a Django based blog.  I am not even close to being done but it’s getting there.   I have the Admin side up and running and 2 test posts added and even a comment section added.  Lots of styling is still needed, and quite a few more features to add that I want but hey, I am not unhappy with it.  And that is what is important. It is taking me a while to get this far only because I am picky about certain things, but if it is going to be my site I should be happy with how it turns out right?

My current hurdle is the landing page.  Right now it is all the posts like you see above.  I do like the shadowing I have going on that make the posts stand out.  That was fun.  But I also need to have the recent posts show up on the right in the  links section.  I need or want to add categories as well so you can filter.  I am sure in time I will get this figured out.  Then of course I guess I will have to add all the posts in wordpress to that one.   It is fun testing and trying new things.  Seeing what I can do.  Just how far can I push my self.  Will this blog ever go live or just be a project and I stick with what is working?  Honestly?  It doesn’t matter, as long as I am doing something, and keep trying things I am bettering my  knowledge and skills.

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