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What a Journey so far.

Well as of 430EST February 5th, 2021 I have officially graduated Lambda School.  I have been working in the field already for a while but now I can officially say I am a Lambda School graduate.  We had our virtual Ceremony, and I didn’t realize how emotional it would be.  Not just from the speakers but my situation was a little different.  I started Lambda as a part-time student back in January 2020.  I already had a lot of coding knowledge and have built many sites already but I wanted to enhance my skills and have a certification behind my name.   After I was hired to be a Full Stack Web Developer Instructor at another school and knowing those classes were going to be in the evening I chose to switch from part-time (which met in the evenings) to Full-Time.  However the group of students that I was joining in my final unit were also the same students I helped teach or guide in their 1st 4 months/units of their Lambda journey.  So I was excited to not only be graduating myself but to see the students I helped also graduate.  It was almost like what I feel watching my daughter Graduate from High School in  a few months will be like.  But I am also quite sad.  Lambda has been such a huge part of my life for just over a year  now.  The friends I have made, the people I have helped or helped me.  The daily check ins and so much more, I feel like there is now a hole.  I won’t have a meeting with a team on a project we are working on anymore (unless I start something with my students for my job) and I am going to miss that.

Going through a Full Stack Web Developer Course in general is hard, doing it online and in 13 months (for me) adds to that difficulty, and I wouldn’t change that for anything.  So why would I add this to this blog of my Journey?  Easy it is part of it.  It may not have started with Lambda but it certainly won’t end with it either.  If you ever think that you want to join something like a coding bootcamp but think it is too hard, your half right.  It is hard, but if you really want to do it you can.  I am living proof of that.

I still can’t believe that I did it.  That I am also teaching Web Development too.  Honestly when I started my Web Development Journey way back when this wasn’t even in the cards.  I mean sure I love helping and teaching but I just didn’t think I could potentially good enough to do it.  The folks to thank for helping me this far is way too long.

Want to see my actual achievement?  Here is a link to the virtual badge of sorts.  Tell my next post.  Keep on keeping on.

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